About Us

The South East Asian auto industry is entering a new era. Implementation of the regional free trade agreement (AFTA) opens up markets that are home to more than 500 million people.
Grand Prix International, Thailand’s most prominent automotive publisher, and event organizer have created a monthly English-language magazine to cover this dynamic industry during a time of great growth and opportunity.

ASEAN Autobiz aims to provide all the information necessary to keep businesses in this region (or interested in it) in touch with the best.

Nearly all the top automotive manufacturers in the world have significant operations in the region. The international players in the service and supplier sectors are closely following. Both the regional suppliers and technology are enjoying rapid growth. To keep up with ever-expanding production, the skilled labor force is expanding.

Many regional suppliers are now able to compete in the global market. This means that many are trying to maximize the export potential of their products and seeking partnerships abroad. Companies from other countries are also looking to be part of a region that is one of the most important growth markets in the globe, given the abundance and variety of business opportunities.

ASEAN will undoubtedly play a greater role in the global auto industry. ASEAN Autobiz is a publication that can be tailored for businesses that wish to contribute to its development.